Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Summer Outing

Sad but true. This is really the pups' first real outing since we moved. We went on a church picnic at the river. The boys had lots of fun meeting people, especially the kids who were just the right height for kissing on the face. They licked lots of faces. And none of the faces screamed or cried. That's a pretty good day. Bradley wanted to swim. So we let him swim a little, but they have strict leash laws and we were not prepared to get in the water ourselves. So while we tried to stay dry he splashed around. Bradley and Brodie are on a tandem leash. Brodie had no desire to swim unless he was retrieving a ball so he was trying to stay up on the edge with us. There were lots of other dogs out enjoying the water. I think if we had been tubing our dogs would not have been riding in the tubes. I think they would have been swimming and pulling us. Which means we probably would have been down the river in about 5 minutes. Bradley can be pretty lazy though so I could see him eventually wearing out and laying in a tube, but Brodie not a chance. But they had a really good day getting to hang out at the park and meeting lots of new people, showing off tricks and getting petted.

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