Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hillbilly Dog

Bradley loves to eat grass. He just grazes on it all day long. He's our little cow. So today he comes running in the house (because he heard the ice dispenser) and he has grass stuck in his bottom teeth. I told him he could have a piece of ice if he let me take a picture with my phone so he sat patiently waiting. I wish you could see his bottom teeth. When he came running in his mouth was open just a little so you could see his bottom teeth. He has this huge hunk of grass stuck in his teeth. He looks like such a hillbilly.

**Doggie Dentist recommend NOT letting your dogs eat ice as it can crack and damage their teeth, as we have been told repeatedly and I have repeatedly told Rob. This was a singular incident and is not indicative of the usual treatment of our animals. Never mind the fact that he came running to the sound of the ice machine.

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