Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Treat Dispensing Giggle Ball

Our dogs never eat from a bowl. This is a bowl. We have added a couple of other treat dispensing toys to feed from. But this will always be the first love. When they are puppies you can hear it giggle so you know where they are and that they are not digging in your plants, etc. It's pretty sturdy, but can be torn up so we started taking it away when he was finished eating. Brodie loved it. We would say, "Where is your big green ball?" And he would go find it for us so we could put food in it. The experts say that it is important for them to work for their food. Don't freak, they have to do it in the wild. It helps with behavior, attitude and obedience. People always complement us on how well behaved and smart our dog is. We actually think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that he had to work for his food by using this toy since he was a wee little pup. The thing to understand about treat dispensing toys is that you do have to teach them how to use them. If you just give the dogs a toy with a treat in it, the natural things would be to rip the toy open to get to the food. So you have to show them how to roll the ball around and where the food comes out. This may take a few times and patience on your part and the dog's. Once they have learned how to use the toy, you can then just fill it up and give it to them.
Brodie eventually tore out the little wind tunnel that make the sound. We got a new one and trained him to quit playing with it when he was done eating. Now Bradley uses it to eat. It is more difficult for Bradley. He rarely gets all of the food out. But he doesn't try to tear it up, however we do put it in the closet when we are ready for him to quit eating.  Excellent purchase!

  • makes noise so you know where they are
  • occupies them for a little while
  • sturdy
  • makes them work for their food
  • increases intelligence
  • can be destroyed so don't leave in kennel or alone unsupervised
  • only comes in two sizes. needs a medium size.
  • can be difficult and dog may become frustrated or bored

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