Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Wise Dog Knows. . .

If Bradley opened a fortune cookie it would read : "What goes in, must come out." If Bradley only understood that what goes in must come out, he might not eat so many things. His favorite is grass and sticks. We recently moved from a large yard with plenty of sticks to chomp on all day. Our new home is in a fairly new neighborhood without mature trees. And the types of trees of very different. So there really aren't many sticks. In fact, there are no sticks. At one point Bradley was going through such withdrawal he was breaking branches off the rose bush and eating them. That was scary. How do you make a pup understand that thorns are not good. Really sticks are not good, but we compromise with him since he's not that smart and stubborn to train. We finally broke him of the rose bush. Then one day I see him with a stick in his mouth. A good stick by dog standards. I take it from him to inspect for safety and to see where this stick may have originated. It was one of the chimes off my bamboo wind chimes. It is windy where we live and our neighborhood is almost in a wind tunnel since it was built where a creek bed once ran. So sometimes it gets extremely windy. The wind had blown off two of my chimes because the strings have grown old and weak. I searched the yard for the other chime without success. I did find it a few days later while on poop patrol.

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