Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bradley Makes the School Blog

It all started with this picture on the Facebook Page of Bradley's school and the comments that followed.

Doggie Mom: "There's my happy girl! Love me some Cici!!!"
Manager: "Umm thats not C thats her twin...Bradley :)"
Doggie Mom: "What? How horrible... I don't even recognize my own child?!? And there's another one just like Cici... scary! Red collar too?"
 Manager: "yeah, they are kinda alike, His name is bradley, but he's milk chocolate and; C is dark chocolate!!"

 When I pick up Bradley I get to hear the story of this interaction on FB. I, of course, had not even thought to look for them on FB. I got to hear about the differences in chocolate labs. I had never thought about there being different shades of chocolate labs. But I know there are lots of different shades of yellow labs. So I came home and found the picture of my baby dog. The next time I was there to drop off Bradley I get to meet Dark Chocolate CiCi. Of course, I see it now. She is dark chocolate. There are many other differences also. Can you tell them apart?


How about in a closer up photo? Of course you can tell them apart because the picture of Bradley is the same, but if it weren't the same photo could you now tell them apart? Now you can see the differences in the coat color. When I met CiCi's mom I said "They would make some great chocolate truffles if they weren't already fixed."

Here are some other differences. Bradley's nose is pink as is all his skin. Pink lips, pink eye lids, pink everything. CiCi's nose and it appears her eyelids and lips are brown/black. It's hard to tell in the picture, but Bradley still has green in his eyes. They are kind of hazel with a brown rim around them. CiCi has yellow eyes as described by her momma. Bradley is a couple of inches taller and, sorry CiCi, but much thinner. But, CiCi, I wish I hid my weight in photo as well as you do.

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