Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brodie's Follow Up With Vet

Brodie had a follow up appointment with the vet today. He said that Brodie is doing really well. We are going to stay on the medicine to help keep the valve closed. We are trying out a treat. This is the first time we have added anything new to his diet since he has switched foods. For those of you who do not know, Brodie is on a very strict diet for food intolerance. The only treats he has gotten so far are actually just pieces of his food. Fortunately he's not picky. In the near future, if Brodie gets sick, we are to assume that it is from the treats and discontinue them. The doctor gave him a treat while we were there and he could tell by the way that he swallowed that he was still have problems with the reflux so we are going back on medicine for that. I asked him to explain the difference in food allergies and food intolerance and this is what he said: Food allergies show themselves in dermatological symptoms like itchy skin. Food intolerance is strictly intestinal like diarrhea and vomiting. Brodie is still only 52 pounds while his ideal weight is 64. But the doctor said that we should not be concerned just yet since he should gain it back slowly. I liked the doctor and Brodie did something I've never seen him do in his entire 4 years of life. He laid down during an office visit. Of course, when I took him in that time he was so sick he had to lay down because he could hardly stand. That doesn't count. But Brodie is so high strung and anxious. He does not like doctor visits. He cries and paces the entire time. After the doctor came in and greeted him and petted him, gave him a treat and was talking to me, Brodie laid down next to me. Even laid his head on the floor between his paws like he could sleep. I guess this means that Brodie is comfortable with this doctor too.

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