Friday, August 27, 2010

Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy

this is not my dog
Once again Premier has made a genius dog toy for my genius dog. And of course I'm talking about Brodie. . We love Premier toys. This is the best toy so far. This is the most challenging. Brodie is brilliant and has mastered every toy so far. When he first got this he actually got frustrated which I've never seen. Because of the egg shape it is extremely difficult to get the treats out of the ends. The momentum, angle, everything has to be perfect. It's not for the beginner dog. We did trim the prongs in the end a little because Brodie's food was too big to fall out easily. There are a few challenges for us as well. It can be difficult getting the threads lined up and getting it screwed together. It does take patience. We left it unattended, with our not so genius puppy; it was open in the closet. He got it and chewed the edges of it for just a second before I caught him. It was enough to permanently destroy the threads and render the toy useless. But as long as the human can work the toy properly, your dog should love it for a long, long time. Looking at the construction I can say that this toy is not intended for chewing. It is not intended to be left alone with your dog. The rubber ridges on the outside will easily come off. A dog left alone with this, possibly frustrated by the one last piece he can't get out, I think could easily destroy it. So don't leave it alone with your dog. It's meant for him to eat out of, play with, give you a break. Smart dogs needs smart toys to challenge their minds. This is definitely a toy for the smartest pup.

PROS: Extremely Challenging, Dishwasher Safe, Occupies Their Time
CONS: Treads Easily Damaged, May Be Too Difficult for Some Dogs, Only Comes in Purple


  1. The one thing I have found is this: Boston Terriers have the ability to destroy anything in 30 seconds. :) I need to find toys that they could play with more than 30 seconds. Like maybe some Cast Iron bones!! Tammy

  2. We really like the Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude
    It's like a Kong, but better because it has prongs to keep the treats from just falling out. What I'm finding to be the trouble is that our puppy is not interested in the durable chew toys. They only want what they can tear up. Good luck and please let me know what you find out.