Sunday, August 29, 2010

Enjoying Backyard

Here's some more pics of the boys enjoying the backyard

I was trying to get a picture of them lying in front of the porch together, but Brodie was too hyped up because we had been playing ball. He was listening to some kids splash in a pool next door. Then some birds flew over and I lost them both.

When I'm sitting on the porch they'll wrestle and play.

Sometimes I'll look out the window and they are just lying in the sun enjoying the weather. It's really nice to see this.

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  1. How precious! You love your boys as much as I love my boy, Jack. I take a zillion pictures of him, too. I got one this morning I'll post on my next blog entry of Jack in the closet, on top of a plastic bag, peeking out at me through a curtain of hanging clothes. He wasn't supposed to be in there, and he knew it, but he was sooo cute, as usual I couldn't scold him. I took his picture instead!!! He has me wrapped around his tail!!!
    Hugs to you,