Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Momma Come Quick!

Sunday morning I hear Bradley going nuts with his high pitched bark. Both dogs are outside so I think they are playing. Then Brodie comes in and stands in front of me while Bradley's barking continues in the background. I think "if Brodie is standing in front of me, who is Bradley barking at?" So I go peek out the door and sure enough he's barking at something. He only takes a second to look at me and then goes back to it. IT being whatever is in the water bowl. As I creep toward it I'm thinking, "Please don't be a snake. Please don't be a snake."  It's a big 'ole toad. Swimming 'roun that there water bowl. This is where I should grab my camera before grabbing my wits. I went inside and got Rob to evict our visitor from the yard. What I should have done was taken a picture of the scene. Bradley was just a barking at that bowl. Toad just a swimmin'. I'm sure if he'd had a lily pad or anything to put his back feet on he would have jumped out. But honestly, he was safer inside the bowl, Bradley's barking incessant as it may be. 'Cause if he would have jumped out, chase would have ensued. Two on one. I've seen these dogs flank a cat, rescue a turtle from nothing but a ditch and scare to death an entire nest of bunnies. When Rob saw it he said, "Poor toad, he's just looking for some water." Mr. Toad was safely escorted to the other side of the fence, the boys deprived of another one of those "fun" toys they get sometimes, and momma just glad it wasn't a snake.

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