Monday, August 30, 2010

Teaching Manners

One of the first things we taught our "kids" is to sit. It's like saying please. And then they have to wait. They've had to do this for all kinds of stuff. But lately, our boys have been getting a little wild. Brodie especially has been getting overly excited at dinner time dancing around and poking me with his nose while I'm trying to get it ready. And by ready I mean in his toy because our dogs eat from toys. All the while both dogs are drooling on the floor getting it all wet for me to step in later. So I decided to go back to manners camp. That's right.  New rules for meal time. They each have a mat. They have to sit on the mat while I am getting their food ready. Not stand, pace or dance. Sit. The mat is far enough out of reach that they cannot touch me while I am getting it ready. They have to be on their mat enough so that their mouth is over the mat so that aforementioned drool will land on the mat and not on my carpet or linoleum. When given the okay they can then come off of their mat and to their toy to eat. As with everything, they took to it quickly. They are doing really well. Dinnertime is much calmer around here. Bradley is actually staying out of the way while I do Brodie's and then goes to his mat pretty well. He's been easier than I thought. Brodie eats in the bedroom with the door closed because we have to make sure that he does not get any of Bradley's food because of his food intolerance. Bradley gets fed in the kitchen, but ends up rolling his ball through the living room. We have to be able to see him because he's the one that will get in trouble if let to himself. Right now Brodie is using the Linkables to eat from and Bradley is using the Giggle Ball, which we have actually had this particular one since Brodie was a puppy.

Since Bro's food is kept in our walk-in closet I just bought the cheapest mat I could find. A $3 doormat.

Since Bradley's mat is in the kitchen and I have to look at it all day I bought the cheapest one that I kind of liked. A $5 kitchen mat at Wal-mart.

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