Monday, August 16, 2010

Vote for Bradley

I posted Bradley's picture on a contest site as a joke, but it's gotten a few votes, so go vote for Bradley by clicking here. You will have to flip through the pictures to find his so be prepared. The contestants name is SaintBrodiesMom, go figure. Here is his picture and the caption that goes with it:

I'm Bradley. I love to lay on the grass  in front of the porch while my mom rocks in her chair.
I also eat the grass while watching the birds fly over.


  1. I voted for Bradley! Thank you for fair warning about having to flip through pictures...his was 48th in the pile! :0)

  2. Oh such handsome boy!! I'll go have a look for you. Love the blog so far and the kids... oh my they are happy cute critters. Stop by my blog for a chance to win a giveaway! Bring friends. Hugs. Tazzy