Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For A Good Cause

This weekend our boys made their first celebrity appearance. Well, that's what they think was going on. After all, they were greeted upon arrival by a professional photographer and a group of puparazzi. They believe they were their to model their Halloween costumes, slobber all over everyone, mark the territory and leave the entire pack in awe upon their departure. What really happened was that the daycare where they attend had a fundraiser for a local no-kill animal shelter. A professional pet photographer waived his sitting fee in lieu of a pet food drive. I believe the profits from the pictures sold go to the shelter also. There was a lady from the shelter selling some jewelry she had made with proceeds going to the shelter. We bought Grandma a bracelet. Shhh! Don't tell her. The owner of the daycare had made goodie bags. Let me tell you, those were not goodie bags, they were great bags. They included a coupon for a free day of daycare, a free doggie bath, Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer with clip, people and pet treats and other paraphernalia. Thanks Kim and Mike! There was a costume contest and both Brodie and Bradley placed. They got awesome prizes. I still can't believe it. They each got a 2 night stay with bath before returning home. That means no kids for an entire weekend! I mean, that means that we can rest assured that our children are taken care of if for some reason we are stricken with the unlucky task of going away for the weekend. 

Here's a sneak peak of Bradley in his costume. Don't worry. You haven't seen it all. There's more to his costume. And Brodie's is similar, but not identical.

Here are some of the puppies that were up for adoption. If you are in the SA area and you are able to provide a loving forever home for a puppy or older dog or cat you can contact me at for more information.

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