Monday, September 13, 2010

Hermine VS. Brodie & Bradley

Tropical Storm Hermine came through last week. She tortured my boys by keeping them inside and driving me nuts in the process. I will tell you the last place you want to hold a lab hostage is inside. They need room to run and exercise and get out their energy. Or they will find other ways to get that energy out. Usually ways that we are not so happy about. So I spent two full days trying to keep down the demons that live deep within my sweet-faced little puppy dogs. On day three the rain had stopped but the yard was soaked. So we still couldn't run and play fetch or we would destroy the yard with those precious feet that leave giant gorges in the ground when the grip for traction. So I pulled a new toy out of my arsenal. They were wrestling over it and having fun. They ran outside. Then. . . I didn't hear anything for about five minutes. I knew something was wrong. I just knew. A red flag went up. It's mother's intuition. There's an internal clock that says "warning- it is now one second passed the longest time for which they have ever gone without barking, yelping, whining, running by, jumping on, stepping on, slobbering on or begging from you." So I go to check on them. When I look out the window I immediately see Bradley digging in the mulch bed at the fence like he's trying to escape. I yank open the door and scold him. Brodie's running back and forth like there's some injured prey on the other side calling out to the wild hunter within him. This time I remembered to get the camera. So I call into evidence, your honor, Bradley's hole:

My camera fogged up with the change in temperature coming outside but you get the idea. Thankfully I caught him early.

You can see Brodie's rear end in the picture. He is diligently trying to show me something. So what prey tell is Saint Brodie so vigilantly trying to show me?

Hermine had blown our fence off it's post and it was coming down. Had I not gone out and seen Bradley's hole and Brodie pointing, I would not have noticed the fence so soon. It was resting against the palm. I think they were really looking for a way out and Bradley got frustrated and started digging. But Rob was able to repair it.
Good thing the palm was there to block the bottom or they would have made their way out. And they are runners when they get free. So they would have gotten lost pretty quickly. So really Bradley's digging a hole ended up being a good thing.
Hermine was not match for my boys!

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