Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jack's Bow-Wow Blogger's Award

Here is my award to your excellent site about your dogs. I love dogs, too.  I love anything fuzzy and furry and friendly.  Keep the good work and I hope this doesn't get sent back to me!!
Jack and my human Missy  :0)

Of course Brodie and Bradley accept any awards since they are not very humble creatures. In fact, Brodie always tries to hold his head higher than ours as he is from an AKC champion pedigree on both lines. Brodie and Bradley would like me to share with you their acceptance speech. "We'd like to thank Jack, Missy and the entire committee who have made this possible. Thank you to Daddy for going out to earn the kibbles everyday then coming home and playing with us afterward. Thanks to Momma for taking us to school all the time and for picking up our poop so we don't run through it. Most of all thank you to God for making us such wonderful creatures that someone would want to write about us and that others would want to read it. Oh, yeah, and that it doesn't go to our heads."

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  1. Here here! Thank god for four legged family members. For without them, our days might not be near as joyful. Congratulations on your award. Tammy