Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weight A Minute!!!!!

We went to the vet's office yesterday to get some more heartworm and flea prevention, food for Brodie, break the bank account, etc. They weighed the boys and I couldn't believe it. They both weighed less than I expected. Brodie now weighs only 48 pounds which means he has lost 4 pounds since starting his new food. The good news is that his medicine is working and he hasn't been vomiting so the weight loss is just because we haven't gotten his new diet balanced out yet. So we have increased his food intake again. He now eats 1 1/2 cups of food 4 times a day. Yep! That's 6 cups of food a day. That's the maximum amount of food recommended on the guideline for a 65 pound dog. He gets even more if Rob can sneak it by me. Bradley on the other hand weighed only 75 pounds. I had also expected him to weigh more but we're not disappointed that he didn't. He definitely isn't underweight. He's no longer a smushy puppy. He's putting on the muscle mass of a big dog. The doctor said that he shouldn't get any taller, he'll just grow out. I was so surprised. I really expected him to weigh more. He feels so much heavier when stepping on me, laying in my lap or pushing me out of the bed.

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