Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dogtobier Fest

 This weekend we went to Dogtobier Fest. It was thrown by the boys' daycare to raise money for their favorite no-kill animal shelter. So it wasn't all about the beer. There was a band, food and lots of mingling between the dogs and people. Which meant that sausages were being stolen left and right. If you turned your back on your food, it would be gone. Brodie and Bradley worked the crowd over begging for the dog treats that had been so carefully placed on all the tables I'm sure as a means to help deter the dogs from eating the human food.

It was a nice try. So once they had begged their way into the hearts of everyone there, Brodie turned his attention to the feet of everyone there. Why? Because that's where the good stuff is. While Bradley ran around playing, Brodie spent the entire evening diligently searching for scraps as if his very life depended on it. You can see in the photo below that he has put some weight back on. In fact, his medicine is working really well. Even though he was fed lots of treats that were not in his "approved diet" he did not relapse. Although they both had doggie hangovers. That being defined as, well, never mind.
  Let's just say I had to pay for it, too, picking up the yard. Our friends came and brought their dog Blue whom our boys had never met. He is a Fox Hound, only about 6 months old. He was hilarious. Bradley loved running around with him. I've never seen Bradley so active. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera. These pics were taken from either my phone or the owner's camera. Blue gave Bradley a lesson on howling. Blue was singing with the band. Bradley tried to sing too. Let's say that he's not as musically inclined.

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