Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Portraits 2010

Here are some of the portraits taken by the photographer at the fundraiser that we went to recently. I assume that it is okay for me to post them on my blog because he had them on his Facebook page with a link for you to download them in high resolution. So that is what I did. So don't freak out that I'm posting his pics here. If he tells me to take them down I will. 

It was very difficult to get them to sit still long enough to take a pic, especially to jump up on a hay bale and pose. But we try and try and try and try.

This dog was having some fun that day. He was acting exactly like what he was dressed as. Bradley is a bull. He has a brave cowboy trying to hold on. You can't see the expression on the cowboy's face because his bandanna was covering it, but was scared, as he should be. Look at the wild in his eyes.


Look at that face! The attention in the eyes, the ears forward. I just wanna smush him all over with kisses. Anyway, you would see his costume better if he was standing up. He technically is the horse because he is wearing a chariot carrying a gladiator into battle.

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