Saturday, October 23, 2010

Petsmart Howl-O-Ween Party

The boys and I attended the Halloween costume contest at the local Petsmart. We had to go by ourselves. We sure missed getting to go with our friends back home. But we quickly made other friends. People fell in love with my boys in their costumes. People were lining up with their cell phones asking if they could take their pictures. Of course! You know my dogs are camera hounds. So I was able to get a lady to take a couple pics of us.
Sitting pretty while people take their picture
Bradley is wearing his bull costume with a cowboy riding his back. He's holding on with one hand while waving his hat around with his other. Brodie is wearing a chariot with a gladiator on his back who is waving his sword around in the air.     

They won second place. The Mad Hatter took first place. The Mad Hatter was at the photo day from their school too. This was the prize. Two gift bags. The stuff was pretty good. Pill pockets which we can use. The wipes that are like baby wipes, but for dogs, great when they need freshening for company. Two Toys. Toothbrush and paste. Chews. This stuff you put in their water to make their breath fresher. Various treats. A medical records booklet and stickers for your window to alert firefighters to save your pets. Plus they got an award certificate with their names on it. We also got the regular goodie bags that they were giving to everyone. So it really paid to go to the party.


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