Friday, December 24, 2010

The Making of a Christmas Card

Every year we try to take a picture with our boys since they are a big part of our family. Every year it is a challenge. I think this year was the hardest so far. Bradley is a year and a half. He is full size puppy. Brodie is finally healthy and feeling good. That means we are in play mode pretty much all the time. That and they have become best of friends. This is just a glimpse of what it looked like to try and take a picture this year.

Bradley and I sit on the couch while Grandma practices taking test shots. That way we can move quickly when we bring the whole family into the picture. Little did we know that these would be the best pics. Too bad Daddy and Bro were missing.

We call Brodie into the picture. He grabs a toy to bring with him and mayhem ensues in the form of tug-of-war. 

Let's try again. We bring Daddy into the picture. Now it's a game of Jump Up, Jump Down, Jump Up, Jump Down. Our normally LAP-rador Retrievers won't be still.

So here it is! Our family photo. This is the only one where you can see every one's face. Too bad Bradley is sitting off to the side like a little orphaned puppy. But don't be fooled. That was just before he pounced on us. . . again!
 Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time

My parents came for an early Christmas visit. We had lots of fun. They are always so good to our boys and treat them like little grandpups. Of course we couldn't wait, so we opened presents the very first night they were here.

They both got a big bone and a Harley Davidson squeaky toy.

We walked down the street to take a picture with Santa and the other animals. The next night we walked to a different neighbor's house and watched their Christmas light show that is set to music.
Grandma and Bradley get cozy while watching a movie.

Friday, December 17, 2010

With EVERY COMMENT $1 Will Be Donated To Help Provide Service Dogs!!!

I saw this on a blog that I follow so I am link back to her blog. Although I love comments on my blog, the money doesn't get donated unless you comment on THIS blog. I'm sure there are other places to comment and have the money donated as well. But this is the place that I saw it and so this is the site that I am publishing.

Many people in need of a service dog depend on Canine Assistants to pay for the lifelong care of the dog. Without the help of any government funding, Canine Assistants relies on the generosity and private donations made by philanthropic partners, like Milk-Bone®, to help pay for the training of these special needs dogs. In an effort to help care for and train more assistance dogs for recipients across the country, Milk-Bone® is asking you to rally around Canine Assistants.
Bark It Furward was created by Milk-Bone® brand to educate others about the inspiring work being conducted by Canine Assistants. By simply making a comment to this post you are a part of the Bark It Furward movement, you can help raise awareness and much needed funds to provide assistance dogs for people with disabilities.
Bark It Furward challenge ends January 4, 2010 so hurry up and spread the word..