Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time

My parents came for an early Christmas visit. We had lots of fun. They are always so good to our boys and treat them like little grandpups. Of course we couldn't wait, so we opened presents the very first night they were here.

They both got a big bone and a Harley Davidson squeaky toy.

We walked down the street to take a picture with Santa and the other animals. The next night we walked to a different neighbor's house and watched their Christmas light show that is set to music.
Grandma and Bradley get cozy while watching a movie.

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  1. I know this may be a little delayed, but I just read your post on my blog about the book "After the Boxes are Unpacked." I am going to Fellowship with my husband and really like it. LR is definitely feeling more like home! Getting connected has with people at Fellowship has definitely been a blessing! Thanks for the sweet note.

    How is San Fran for you? I know THAT had to be quite the adjustment. :) Best of luck to you!