Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Dog Park in Town

We checked out a new place in town. They are the normal boarding, daycare, grooming etc. We are interested in their membership only dog park. It's much closer to our house than the other dog parks. And the public dog parks and disgustingly filthy. It's my blog so I can say it. Crap everywhere! People just don't pick up after their dogs. And who knows what their dog may have. This place, since it is a paid membership, requires vaccinations kept on records, they have staff outside to keep the rules enforced. I like their rules better than the rules at the dog park, which I won't go into here. But it can be difficult to enjoy your visit. Anyway, we just needed a place bigger than our yard to go play ball with Brodie. The park doesn't open until spring but until then they will let you use the small area out front for free. So after our tour we played in that area. They are also the official practice site of the local fly ball teams. So we may check that out sometime.

Bradley goes straight for the little water feature and starts sniffing around.
When Brodie's ball goes in he lets Bradley go in after it. Bradley cautiously checks to see how deep the water is.

Then Brodie finds a new game of dropping the ball in just to get Bradley to go in after it.

Good fetch Bradley!
Then just before we left Bradley drug some algae out of the pond, laid it out nice and neat of the grass. Then promptly laid down on it and began to roll around in what he evidently found to be a very appealing smell. So it was home for a bath.

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