Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's cold. So cold. Record temperatures here. In fact, we're having rolling blackouts because the power stations can't handle the demand. The morning show wanted us to post pics on their facebook page of how our pets stay warm. Here's my pics for facebook of Brodie and Bradley waiting for the blackout.
Here are the boys sporting their cold winter gear for their pic. They weren't really wearing this in the house. Bradley's never worn a sweater before. This was Angus's sweater. It barely fit Bradley. I couldn't get it all the way closed.
Brodie's an old pro at cold weather gear. This is the jacket he used to wear to daycare on cold mornings.
This cold and cloudy weather has made Bradley extra groggy. This is his napping couch when he doesn't have a lap to lay in. He prefers a pillow and blanket to a sweater.

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