Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bradley Gets A Tummy Ache

Bradley's never been sick before. Well, maybe he's thrown up the occasional piece of mulch from the yard or bottle top that he's swallowed. But on Wednesday after he'd thrown up 7 times and nothing to show for it except lots of food, I was starting to wonder if I should take him to the vet. But Rob convinced me to hang in there for just a little longer. Bradley was a big baby too. All he wanted to do was lay in my lap. So I took it. I watched lots of t.v. and held my 78 pound baby dog. On Thursday he seemed to be doing better. And Brodie was very helpful. Every time Bradley threw up, Brodie came and got me. He's such a tattle tail! But Bradley did finally throw up the culprit. A big piece of his blanket. Correction. Blanket turned tug-toy. He still felt lousy the rest of the day. He just laid in my lap and I realized he hadn't barked in two days. Now that's really not like Bradley. He's usually all words. Friday morning he played a little and I thought about taking them to school, but after a few minutes of play he passed out and slept most the day. But this morning, Saturday, the mouth of the South was back. I think he feels just fine. So I took them up to the school so he could get in some good play time with his friends. So I know this is gross, but I took pictures of the blanket he had swallowed. It's next to the ball so you can see the size of it. I'm glad that I had waited another day. If I had taken him to the vet, they would have x-rayed him and had him in surgery to remove it. He got it out all on his own though. Of course, I caught him trying to swallow another piece later. So now I'm on a scavenger hunt around the house to find and throw away any loose pieces of blanket or plush toys.


  1. Oh, boy! That really is something else what animals will eat! My poor Jackie is sick, too. He has a urinary infection, so the vet has him on some antibiotic and kitty pain pills. All he does is lay by his water bowl, taking an occasional slurp. Yesterday he was ALL words, as you say. Today he is very quiet, so I know he doesn't feel good. I've been giving him lots of TLC. The vet bill about broke our savings, though! We had to go to one of those emergency clinics. Anyway, hope Bradley is feeling better and will just stick to eating his OWN food!


    Thank you so much for visiting Toby and me, and for your nice comment. I didn't even know that we were listed on the Premier Pet Products FB page - I'm sure to check it out. Thank you for telling me.

    I'm really sorry to hear about Bradley's mishap. I hope he's feeling much better since you posted last.
    I'm not surprised him swallowing a bit of blanket. My friend has a black lab (Guide dog in training - I sometimes blog about 'Asta') and she too is prone to swallowing all sorts of things. It can be very dangerous (as you know) Luckily, like Bradley, the things she swallows get recycled through her system, and she's no worse for wear. These doggies of ours get up to such strange things, don't they?!

    The Pogo Bunny, which I blogged about, is an absolute hit with Toby. It's one of the few soft toys that he's not demolished yet. I've been battling with his 'fetch' command, and this seems to be solving the hiccup :) We'll hold thumbs that 'Bunny' remains safe.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting. Do pop by again.
    Sending lotsaluv